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Economic Eruption
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Below is a list of our gigs locations and dates

The first Annual School Music Extravaganza!
may: 12th 2004 7:00 - 9:00 pm
@: Parrsboro Regional High School
$: 3$ for tickets see any member of EE 3LP or OMO
We will be opening up for the Three Little Pigs and Odd Man's Out! be there!
A house party
may: 22nd 2004?
cancelled due to poor planning of the hosts. Sorry
Pool Party
June 19th 2004 Megan Henwoods Cottage
We will play at there party but unfortionately you have to be invited to come sorry! This is a for sure gig!
3lps last gig of the summer
June 19th 2004 Fire Hall
We will be playing with 3lp and OMO at the fire hall. Tickets are gonna be $4.00 advanced and $5.00 at the door. For more info contact any of the bands.
Old Fashioned Saturday Nite
July 3rd 2004 Main Street
Cancelled due to two members not able to make it
Lighthouse Festival
July 10th 2004 Warf Road Sandpoint Beach
We played a show and di three songs for entertaining purposes with the Godawfuls.

Want to see Economic Eruption live in concert?

Wanna see more of Economic Eruption? Contact any of the band to help set up a gig date!