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Economic Eruption
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You wanna know who does what?
Dylan Porter- guitar vocals
Cole Pickard- guitar vocals
Collin Canning-drums and something kooky
Michael Mcphee- bass and backing vocals
Cole is 15 and and the rest of the band are 14. We live in Parrsboro. We like music. Thats about it.

No! Its not wrong to wonder what what there little worthless life is like! Here is all you need to know about our shitty lives! Just Kidding!

Dylan and Cole got guitars and a year later Collin got drums and Mikel got a bass around the time Dylan got his guitar. Collin and Mikel were in a band with Adam Gillis but he quit and they went into Economic Eruption! It was a good thing too because they went a lot farther with Economic Eruption than Stitch(Collin and Mikel's old band)They finally got together and learned some stuff. Then came there first big planned show! They got some of there songs together and played the show! Now they have two more gigs planned are excited and are writing new songs as we... well not  now i guess... oh well...

We Economic Eruption are the best alternative around!